Olly, Your cup of Daylight
or Nightlight

Enjoy the most productive Morning
and the sweetest Night!

Olly Day

Mimics natural sunlight and the effects
of caffeine within 20 minutes

  • Provides as much energy
    as an espresso shot
  • Help boost productivity
  • Can act as a supplement
    to natural sunlight

Olly Night

Helps you fall asleep easier by
using within an optimized cyan wavelength range
and minimizing melatonin suppression

  • Increase the body’s natural
    production of melatonin
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep longer

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Boost Natural Energy Levels ’

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Mimics Effects of Natural Sunlight ’

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Provides As Much Energy As
Found In An Espresso Shot ’

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Portable & Adaptable To Any Environment ’

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Warm Lighting Stimulates Relaxation ’

Olly makes
an impression on you

‘ Gently Bring Up Melatonin Levels
To Help You Fall Asleep ’

How does it work?

Day Spectrum

Melatonin suppression is maximized during daytime
by increasing the 480 nm wavelength to enable energetic concentration

Night Spectrum

The 480 nm wavelength is lowered to minimize melatonin suppression,
leading to deeper sleep and sufficient relaxation

Non-Visual Effects - Physiological effect

How does it feel?

Olly is great when I have meetings in the morning
turn it on at 7am and in 20minutes
I’m as awake as a midnight owl Alex Office worker
I drive for 5+ hours daily, and that can get exhausting.
I love that I can use Olly as often as possible, and still
fall asleep alright at night. JuliaHighly sensitive to caffeine
I try not to drink more than a cup of coffee because I
feel shaky. It’s awesome to be able to wake up without
the downsides of drinking coffee. Max Office worker

Stunning features


Sugar Pink


Dreamy Blue


Day Grey


Night Grey


Melow Lime


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