Who needs Olly?

   It’s a light therapy product for those who suffer from lack of sunlight such as rotational shift workers, night owls, individuals who have light insomnia due to indoor lifestyle and ones who get a little depressed in winter. Thesedays, especially, when going out is restricted because of COVID-19, Olly is an essential product for people who are staying mostly indoors.

How bright is Olly?

   During the day, sunlight under a shade has a brightness of about 10,000 lux. The surface of Olly also has a brightness of more than 10,000 lux.

Is Olly safe?

   Olly uses a Samsung LED (LM302N Day) which has passed photobiological certification (European CE certified) and the product itself has also obtained the certification which it uses visually stable light. In addition, it uses LED that doesn’t contain ultraviolet (UV) which gives no harm to the skin.

Can children use Olly?

   Olly has passed the photobiological safety test within European CE certification in relation to the eyes. Thus, visual safety is guaranteed. However, for young children compared to adults, as the amount of light reaching retina without being absorbed by the cornea and the lens increases, it is recommended that young children do not stare at Olly for a long time.

Can I stare directly at Olly?

   Like staring at the shining sunlight and your eyes become dazzled but better soon, staring directly at Olly can also give you dazzling sight but doesn’t have any bad effects on your eyes.

   To be able to fully experience the effect of Olly, it is recommended to place Olly towards the eyes at a 45-degree angle but not look directly as the light has to be absorbed into the eyes.

   For those who have high visual sensitivity to light, you may feel continuous discomfort. If the same symptoms occur repeatedly, reducing the number of uses or consulting a specialist is recommended.

Are the effects of Olly the same to wearing glasses?

   To suppress/create melatonin hormones that helps in awakening and sleep, Olly uses HCL LED that emphasizes or inhibits the wavelength of 480nm of sunlight. In case of ordinary glasses, light from the relevant wavelength reaches the eye through glasses, however, if you use glasses, contact lens or glass that block the corresponding area (blue color series), you cannot fully experience the effects of Olly.

How long do we have to use Olly?

   There is no healthier way than getting some sunlight. Staying in the sun as much as possible during the day is the best way to maintain your biorhythm. Yet, if there is insufficient sunlight due to frequent indoor life, it is helpful to use Olly.

   If you use Olly Day two to three times during the day, it can help you regain vitality and energy.

   In case of Olly Night, try not to use other lights during the evening and use only Olly Night and it helps you have a healthy sleep pattern. As it turns off automatically, you can sleep with Olly on and sleep comfortably.

How is Olly different from other light therapy products?

   First of all, what distinguishes Olly from other light therapy products is portability. You can carry light just for yourself whenever and wherever you want. Secondly, Olly with HCL (Human Centric Lighting) LED based on the physiological effects of light uses the most ideal wavelength to control our biorhythm. Furthermore, other existing light therapy products are similar in the form of medical devices and to depression aids, while Olly resembles small and adorable coffee cup that can be used without any hesitation.

Why is Olly timer 25 minutes?

   It’s the duration needed for Olly Day to deliver enough energy as well as the same effect of awakening effect from drinking a cup of espresso. Also, according to the Pomodoro technique invented by Francesco Cirillo, it is the most efficient duration for concentration. When you need some energy, how about having a cup of Olly instead of coffee?

   It takes an average of 10 to 20 minutes for an adult to fall asleep. By any chance, don’t you lose track of time in bed using your cell phone? Doing other activities in bed is not good for sleeping habits. Start the habit of sleeping before Olly Night turns off.

Is there only one brightness level in Olly?

   You can adjust the brightness of Olly in two levels. You can adjust the brightness by tilting towards the logo (“Olly”), like turning on Olly. Tilting once is level 1 brightness and tilting again is level 2. You can adjust the brightness by repeating this rotationally.

   For more information, refer to user’s manual for instructions with illustrations.