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On : March 7th, 2022

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    Relationship between Light and Circadian Rhythm

    Relationship between Light and
    Circadian Rhythm

    Note 1-1
    Discovery of organs that detect the physiological action of light : the third photoreceptor
    Ref. Alerting effects of light. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 11(6), 453-464.1 Van Bommel, W. J. (2006). Cajochen, C. (2007).
    Note 1-2
    Correlation of sunlight, happiness and a sound sleep: serotonin and melatonin
    Control of melatonin synthesis in the mammalian pineal gland: the critical role of serotonin acetylation - Surajit ⋯
    Note 1-3
    Wavelengths affecting circadian rhythm: 480nm
    A "melanopic" spectral efficiency function predicts the sensitivity of melanopsin photoreceptors to polychromatic ⋯
    Note 1-4
    The time, rich in 480nm of light
    [ Circadian Rhythm and Human Health ], Joan E. Roberts, Department of Natural Sciences, Room 813, Fordham ⋯
    Note 1-5
    A study on the relation between repetitive light exposure during the day and sleep
    Nana N. Takasu, Satoko Hashimoto (2006), Repeated exposures to daytime bright light increase nocturnal ⋯
    Note 1-6
    Human Centric Lighting
    Massimo Di Nicolantonio, Emilio Rossi (2020). The human centric lighting approach for the design of Age-Friendly ⋯
    Note 1-7
    Rayleigh scattering
    Rayleigh, Lord (1899). "On the transmission of light through an atmosphere containing small particles in suspension ⋯
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    Circadian & Chronotype

    Circadian & Chronotype

    Note 2-1
    Excerpt from an article about the importance of circadian rhythm
    Leslie Kaufman (2017), Your schedule could be killing you, Popular Science, 2017 Sep 11.
    Note 2-2
    What is Chronotype?
    (Article) Danielle Pacheco, Dr. Anis Rehman (2021) Chornotypes. Sleep foundation
    Note 2-3
    Extensive Research on Chronotypes of Americans - Influence of Age and Sex
    Dorothee Fischer, David A. Lombardi (2017), Chronotypes in the US – Influence of age and sex, Plos one
    Note 2-4
    Chronic jet-lag increases mortality in aged mice
    AJ Davidson & MT Sellix (2006) University of Virginia, Chronic Jet-lag Increases Mortality in Aged Mice ⋯
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    More about Sleep

    More about Sleep

    Note 3-1
    Relation between sleep duration and incidence of chronic illnesses
    Yong Liu, MD1; Anne G. Wheaton, PhD1, CDC Weekly, (2014) Prevalence of Healthy Sleep Duration among Adults ⋯
    Note 3-2
    Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity
    Kyuwoong Kim,Doosup Shin, (2017) , Association between sleep duration, fat mass, lean mass and obesity in ⋯
    Note 3-3
    Stages of Sleep
    Iber C, Ancoli-Israel S (2007), The AASM manual for the scoring of sleep and associated events: rules, ⋯
    Note 3-4
    Causes of chronic insomnia (3P model of Spielman)
    Eun Lee, MD (2020), Cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia, Department of Psychiatry, Yonsei University College of ⋯
    Note 3-5
    Study on the effects of sleep deprivation on skin aging
    Oyetakin White P & Matsui MS (2013) , University Hospitals Case Medical Center. "Sleep deprivation linked to aging ⋯
    Note 3-6
    Sleep Hygiene – Action guides for a good sleep
    Eric Suni & Dr. Nilong Vyas(2021), Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Foundation November 29, 2021.
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    Olly's Development Note

    Olly's Development Note

    Note 4-1
    Samsung HCL LED Experiment Data
    Samsung Virtual Lighting Exhibition: Human Centric Lighting Solutions
    Note 4-2
    Olly Day Concentration Effect Test
    [Organization] Luple(Olly) , KAIST (Korea Advanced Instituted of Science and Technology)
    Note 4-3
    Olly Day & Night certification and reliability data
    Luple Inc. Olly Day & Olly Night
    Note 4-4
    Study on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
    Chang Hyun Jang, Seok Hyeon Kim (2013), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Insomnia, Hanyang Med Rev ⋯
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